Our TechCrunch50 experience

There’s been a lot of talk, blogging, tweeting in the last week about TechCrunch50, so I’ll try not to tread old ground. Personally, I’d like to thank everyone in the Irish web community who wished us luck before, during and after the event. It was a great to feel we had the backing of so many people in the industry – I believe that this sense of community characterises our industry and separates us from others, long may it continue.


For echolibre, this event was a huge milestone — the software behind the two Irish companies to attend TechCrunch50, CloudSplit and VidSchool, was built by us. echolibre opened it’s doors to the world on October 1st 2008, so for us, helping two companies get to TC50 is really a big deal. As we approach our first birthday, we’ve been privileged to have worked with some very bright and talented entrepreneurs and their startups.


So, a very quick summary for those that may have missed it elsewhere…


Myself and Joe Drumgoole travelled to San Francisco to attend TechCrunch50 and showcase CloudSplit. What we were looking for was validation of the idea, and we got that – with interested parties being service providers, application developers and venture capitalists. Mike Butcher of TechCrunch Europe recorded an interview with us, and blogged about us, on the day we were in the demopit — it pretty much sums up our experience of the event.


CloudSplit from Mike Butcher on Vimeo.


We were also joined by the VidSchool guys – Sean Fee, Paul Edwards and Mohneesh Jindal. VidSchool is a service that connects teachers, students and parents with video tutorials, and educational tools. Mike also grabbed a quick interview with them on the day of their demopit.


VidSchool from Mike Butcher on Vimeo.


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