How To Choose The Right Laptop

Buying laptops, PCs, consoles, tablets, or mobile devices can be quite a complicated task even for the technology geeks, let alone those who do not quite understand the parameters and characteristics shown on each sellable item. Knowing how diverse the offer is, we have decided to make this task easier for you by underlining the key things you need to know before purchasing a new technology device.


For this article, we will use laptops as an example, but you can apply the following pieces of advice on pretty much any device out there.



What do you need a new laptop for?



The first thing you want to know is the purpose of the laptop you want to buy. We can divide the users into multiple groups based on interests, age, personalities, etc. Some people need laptops for their standard office jobs, while others rather want to buy a new device to play video games on.



In regards to this, you should know whether you need a basic laptop for online browsing, checking your emails and social networks, and writing articles, or you would also like to watch movies, occasionally play games, and edit documents (i.e. in PowerPoint) on it.


‘There are also extreme versions for those who need advanced machines to make multimedia documents, edit graphic photos, and use different programming apps on top of everything mentioned above’ said Mark Wighan who is IT director at betting adviser portal Newjerseysafebetting.



Make sure your financial capabilities meet your needs



When you choose the purpose of your desired laptop, you want to know how much money you have at your disposal before you can even consider your options. This segment does correlate to the one from the paragraph above because you would need to pay more for a laptop capable of offering you more options (i.e. playing the latest video games).



With this in mind, you want to learn about the basic types of laptops. You have machines for everyday use, multimedia laptops, ultrabook laptops, gamer laptops, and modern laptops. We’ve put these in order from the simplest to the most complex ones.



Which configuration is the most significant?



This again correlates with the purpose of the laptop and depends largely on the users’ preferences. Some people like to have higher screen resolution. The most common one is the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), but you can also choose those with worse such as HD (1266 x 768 pixels), or those with better like QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels).



Nevertheless, the resolution is by no means the vital piece of the puzzle here. Instead, it is the brain of the laptop, also known as the processor. Laptops with stronger processors will complete the more complex tasks for you, but they will at the same time cost more money and spend more energy.


If you want to keep things simple and only do the basic work on your laptop, you do not need to look further than Intel Caleron and AMD, or Atom processors. Intel Core m and Intel Core i7 and AMD A-Series provide the middle options, Intel Core i5 probably offers the best value for money, while Intel Core i7 is the most powerful processor capable of solving the most complicated tasks for you.



Moving forward, if you hate slow PCs or laptops (if you are inpatient), you should keep special attention to RAM. RAM deals with how fast the programs on your laptop will work. If you like multitasking and high performance in general, you should be looking towards getting laptops with more RAM.



Last but not least, you also want to consider hard discs (for memory), battery (if you are frequently away from home), as well as keyboard and mouse (if you are a gamer) among other less significant parameters.


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