The Capsule CRM API and PHP

Posted by David in API, PEAR, PHP
Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 15:02
At echolibre we’ve been trying to organize our sales and customer relationship in a more efficient way as the company customer base is getting larger and larger. That’s natural process for any growing company. In order to help us organize how we do everything related to customers (Sales, Leads, Relationships, etc) we are giving Capsule CRM a good run.

Capsule CRM is basically a nice CRM tool that takes the boring part out of CRM’ing. Moreover (And the whole reason of this blog post), it has an API and as you all know, we LOVE APIs.

Therefore, we realized that we needed to integrate Capsule with some online services we have and so we built a PHP wrapper for their API to give developers the ability to place requests and use the web service as they wish using PHP

Services_Capsule is now being proposed to PEAR however you can already get the code from and start using it. The lack of end-user documentation may be the greatest lack in the package right now so I figured it might be good to post a few usage examples in a post.

So once you installed the Services_Capsule (Or for now cloned the repo and pointed your include_path to the repo-checkout) you’ll probably want to see how to use it. Even though the code has a list of examples, it might be best to show you a real world example:

Be sure to watch the examples directory as examples will make their way through there in the coming days.

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