How To Get iMessages to sync on Mac (iPhone & Mac Fix)

How To Get iMessages to sync on Mac (iPhone & Mac Fix)

One of the benefits of having both an iPhone and an Mac is that you can have messages sync seamlessly across both devices. This is fantastic as it means you don’t necessarily have to have both devices within hands-reach. You can have your iPhone charging downstairs, and still be seeing the messages sent to your phone when you’re browsing-away on your Mac upstairs.

Sometimes, these messages either get completely out of sync, or just don’t display altogether. This guide is here to show you how to get the messages synced-together in realtime.


iMessages not syncing between iPhone and Mac – How to fix 


Checking in iPhone 



1. Head to ‘Settings’ 



2. Click on ‘Messages’ 



3. Turn the ‘iMessage’ toggle at the top of the screen off, then toggle it back on again by clicking on it again 



4. Head to ‘Text Message Forwarding’ 



5. Select your Mac – In this case it’s the ‘MacBook Pro (Mac)’ – Ensure the toggle is green or ‘on’ 


We now need to ensure that a similar process is followed on the mac.


Checking on Mac 


1. Type ‘Messages’ in the top-right search bar 



2. Head to ‘Preferences’ and then ‘iMessage’ which is next to ‘General’  



3. Ensure that the data that follows below the above screenshot matches your Apple ID and your mobile number (which you’ve already synced in the previous steps)



What are the chances of this issue happening again? 

Once you’ve checked that everything is synced properly, this shouldn’t happen again as long as you keep everything updated across both devices. Remember to follow the same steps if this does happen again, and ensure that all Software Updates are done as soon as possible.


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