How To Fix Chat Button Not Visible in Microsoft Teams

You’re on a Microsoft Teams meeting, you go to add a comment to a Team Member or quickly leave a note…. but where has the chat button gone? It was there before…

This is a very common issue that occurs for Teams users, and this guide will show you why it happens and how to fix it so that you can get that pesky chat box back and ready to receive your messages.


Has the chat box actually disappeared? 


No, it’s often to do with either the personal settings or that of the call. The main piece of advice is to sign-out and sign back in again to your Microsoft Teams account. This actually seems to resolve the issue for most people, but there are other factors that could be causing the problem. 


There are too many people on your channel


A call within Teams and a call within a Channel are viewed as two separate things. If you are doing a call just via the Teams app like you would with Skype or Zoom, then you actually should not be seeing the issue. However, if you’re doing the call from within an actual channel, then you’re limited to 100 users who can use the chat – anything above that and the option is not available for those past the cut-off point.


Your messaging policy has been amended 


It’s a possibility that whoever set teams up for your organisation has amended the policy directly. This can lead to an issue because, unless you were the one to set things up, you’re not going to know where to start in terms of actually getting things resolved.

You can amend things chat aspects such as deleting messages, removing chat and establishing user roles on a person-by-person basis. Check out this page from Microsoft which outlines what you can actually do with messaging policy amends, and how to change.


You need to clear the cache 


If you’ve already logged in and logged back out again but are still seeing the same issue, then clearing your cache can also help in order to get the problem resolved.

Check out this blog post on how exactly to clear the cache, with direct rules on the most efficient approach to both locate and clear the cache files.


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